Hi, hello, and thanks for taking interest in commissioning me!

Here you can find samples and my commission prices,
along with how to order and the terms of service!
I strongly recommend reading the terms of service before submitting a form!
It should cover everything, but of course if you have questions, feel free to ask!

About the Artist, me!

Last Update - 18.12.2022

Hi, I'm Dev. Thanks for dropping by my page!I've been drawing more consistently for over 15 years now, mostly self-taught.
Officially registered as a licensed professional since March 2017.
I value good customer service, and will keep you updated throughout the commission process, tell you if something comes up etc, being as transparent as I can.As any human being however, I will have periods of drought, of lack of inspiration, motivation, but will bounce back as soon as possible.


Highschool of Fine Arts - '08-'12 - Painting Degree
College of Design and Fine Arts - '12-'15 - Graphics Design Degree

Tools Used

XP-Pen Artist 22 Pro
Clip Studio EX
My left hand!


Last Update - 21.02.2023

TypeSketchColored SketchLineartFlatsShadedPainterly
Bust20 USD25 USD40 USD50 USD60 - 80 USD100 USD
Half-body30 - 40 USD40 - 50 USD60 - 70 USD70 - 90 USD90 - 100 USD-
Full-body50 - 60 USD60 - 70 USD80 - 100 USD100 - 120 USD120 - 150 USD-

Prices are based on 1 (one) character pieces, range being from simple to complex designs.Additional fees may be added for:
> Multiple characters, including medium-large pets (+50% per extra character)
2 characters full body shaded would be calculated as: 120 + (120/2) = 180 USD
> Props (medium to large, depending on complexity)
> Backgrounds


If you commissioned me for a sketch/colored sketch, and want it to be upgraded to a lineart or shaded variant some time later, that is possible.
Prices will be calculated as such:
Final Product Price minus Initial Piece Price = Upgrade PriceSo if you have ordered a full body sketch in the past and want it upgraded to a full body shaded, pricing will be calculated:
120 - 50 = 70 USD
*Note: Extra characters/props will be added to the calculation as well, so keep that in mind when considering an upgrade.Example:
2 characters full body sketch upgraded to a 2 character full body shaded will be calculated:
[120+(120/2)] - [50+(50/2)] = 105 USD
Only BUSTS can be upgraded to Painterly finish.
*Note: Upgrade Prices are subject to change according to the Commission Pricing at the time of the recalculation.

Click on the images for full-size examples

Terms of Service

Last Update - 17.05.2023

1.0 Payment

1.1 - All payments will be done via PayPal invoice that will contain a brief description of the piece. Until it is paid, the commission is put on hold. Work will resume after payment has been received.1.2 - Payment will always be at 50% progress of the commission, in full.
> 1.2.a Except for sketches which will be paid in full upfront.
1.3 - After the piece has been delivered, you may/may not receive a 'shipped' e-mail for the PayPal invoice.This will depend on how PayPal decides to change their site/invoice forms.. AGAIN.1.4 - Example:> 1.4.a - Lineart will be paid in full when the sketch is ready for lineart stage.
> 1.4.b - Flats and hard shadings will be paid in full when the lineart is ready for colors.
> 1.4.c - Painterly will be paid in full once the sketch/colors are ready for rendering.
1.5 No cryptocurrencies will be accepted ever. No thanks.

2.0 Refunds

2.1 - If at anytime you decide to cut off the commission, or I, as the artist, decide so due to personal reasons, such as feeling uncomfortable with how the piece goes or if your car broke down and you really need the money, refunds will be given, but I do expect some form of payment for the progress of the commission.2.2 - No refund will be given after the artwork has been delivered.

3.0 Waiting Time & Delivery

3.1 - Waiting time from the moment I contact you that I've started working on your piece - approx ~1-2 weeks
> 3.1.a - Do not confuse you submitting the form with me actually starting to work on your artwork.
> 3.1.b - Normally I deliver anywhere from couple hours (same day) to a week or two.
> 3.1.c - This heavily depends on the client's response time when discussing things that need changing etc, the amount of detail in the artwork, and if I'm in the right mindset.
> 3.1.d More complex artwork will obviously take longer to create.
3.2 - The client will be notified if something comes up on my end, if it will extend the waiting period.3.3 - At the end, the client will receive signed .PNG files.3.4 - I try to deliver the Month's Batch within said Month.

4.0 Rights of Usage

4.1 - I reserve the right to use my artwork in my portfolios or as material to promote myself.
> 4.1.a You may opt out of this. If you want your piece to be private, I will not post nor use it as material to promote myself. See Commission Form.
4.2 - Clients may use their pieces as illustrations for their RPs, avatars, profiles, references, they may be cropped, re-uploaded (but please credit/link me!)4.3 - Clients may also print out the artwork for personal use, such as if they wish to hang it in their home. Just let me know from the beginning so I can make it at the proper resolution.4.4 - You may not finish my sketch, or color/shade my lineart.4.5 - You may not have another artist finish my sketch, or color/shade my lineart.4.6 - If you are not the client, you may not under any circumstance edit and/or re-upload my art, credit or no credit.4.7 - Under no circumstances may you use my artwork for NFT, AI training/usage or commercial use.

5.0 Creative Process

5.1 - Check my prices first.5.2 - Check the list of things I will and will not draw. ( Point 6.0 )5.3 - Complete the form and submit it. ( Point 8.0 )5.4 - I’ll review it and get back to you if I’m fit for it.5.5 - You will receive updates as I progress and/or change things.5.6 - At the end you may/may not receive a 'shipped' e-mail for the PayPal invoice, and signed .PNG files. (This will depend on how PayPal decides to change their site/invoice forms.. AGAIN.)

6.0 Will Draw | Won't Draw

6.1 - Will draw or do the following:
> 6.1.a - Any Gender
> 6.1.b - Any Organic Species
> 6.1.c - Own Characters/OCs
> 6.1.d - Simple backgrounds
> 6.1.e - Add further steps to a previous piece that I have made
> 6.1.f - Fan Art (JJBA only)
6.2 - Will not draw or do the following:
> 6.2.a - Text-only based descriptions of characters
> 6.2.b - Anything mecha, robots
> 6.2.c - Fan Art (except JJBA-related)
> 6.2.d - Complex Backgrounds
> 6.2.e - Alter anyone else's artwork
> 6.2.f - Design logos, characters, props or clothing for them
> 6.2.g - Questionably aged characters, lolis, shota, lalafells in indecent positions/situations

7.0 Important Notes

7.1 - Do not use the "artistic freedom" card.
> 7.1.a - I don't want to waste time and effort only to be told you're not happy with what I came up with and want a different thing.
> 7.1.b - Any commission form playing the artistic freedom card will be turned down.
7.2 - I reserve the right to turn down any commissions for any reason.7.3 - Any changes made to the Terms of Service or Prices, whilst working on a batch, will not affect said batch of commissions.
7.4 - Referring back to 4.7 - Under no circumstances may you use my artwork for NFT, AI training/usage or commercial use

8.0 Order Form

8.1 I, the client, agree to the Terms of Service.8.2 Proceed to Commission Form.

9.0 YCHs

9.1 If you happen to win one of my YCH auctions, I will give you a form to fill in with the required details.
> 9.1.a - Yes, personal information will be required (name, billing address) even if the product is strictly digital. I'm required by law to have that data included in invoices.
9.2 If you don't feel comfortable with it, please do not bid.
9.3 If you do bid and then change your mind when I give you the YCH form for the details, I will go to the next bidder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update - 06.02.2023

Q: How do you intend on sending me progress/changes previews?
A: I prefer to keep people up to date via DMs in Discord, but any forms of contact works! E-mail, DMs/IMs.
(I prefer Discord bunches!)
Q: I can't pay right now, can you start work on the colors anyway?
A: No. I'll wait.
Q: I can no longer afford the commission I requested. Can I cancel it before you've started it?
A: Yes, you can!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message in the form below.
Please do not use this to submit your commission request.